microRNA target identification by transcriptomics


miRNAtarget is a software tool under continuous development for the analysis of the targets of differentially expressed miRNAs.

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Developed by

miRNAtarget was developed in the collaboration of the Pharmahungary Group and the Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy, Semmelweis University.

Supported by

This study was supported by the National Research, Development and Innovation Office of Hungary (NKFIA; National Heart Program NVKP-16-1-2016-0017).


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Terms and Conditions

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miRNAtarget features


  • to analyze the targets of miRNAs from a network theoretical perspective
  • to predict the most probable targets of differentially expressed miRNAs


  • miRNAtarget relies on multiple miRNA-target interaction databases
  • simple and powerful network theoretical approach to identify the most probable targets of differentially expressed miRNAs
  • increased coverage of possible miRNA-target interactions compared to experimentally validated databases
  • higher accuracy than available predicted miRNA-target interaction databases
  • interactions predicted by miRNAtarget has been successfully validated in two animal studies (submitted for publication)

Recommended for

  • basic researchers
  • small biotech companies
  • pharmaceutical industry